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Find the fraud and prevent it.

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Counterfeit, Fraudulent, & Suspect Items

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Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect items (CFSI) can be a significant issue in any supply chain or project. In a nuclear facility the impact can be wide-ranging and damage the environment, the social standing and the value of the asset. LRQA have a range of services to support you in prevention and detection.

What we offer

Supply Chain Assessment

Our specialists tailor our assessment to you, using a risk-based approach to target your concerns and the latest industry feedback

Training and Facilitation

Our training courses can be tailored to address your project environment. We also include open dialogue sessions to influence individual thinking and recognition of a nuclear safety culture.

Conformity assessment

We can also confirm that assets comply with statutory requirements, regulations or standards. LRQA has the authority to carry out third-party inspections including ASME, PED, RCC-M, and KEPIC.

Why choose LRQA?

LRQA has been involved as an independent provider of assessment and statutory services for the nuclear industry for more than 60 years. As the UK's first ITPIA, we approved the design and conducted a full survey from the steel works to testing on site of the Calder Hall plant in the 1950's. Calder Hall was the world's first full-scale civil nuclear power plant.

We were also appointed ITPIA for the Sizewell B plant, now operated by EDF. More recently we were named ITPIA For the Hinkley Point C plant and for the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power plant in North Wales.

We have certified 18 Magnox reactors in the UK, Italy and Japan; 4 AGR's, 9 PWR's and 1 FBR.