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Welder and welding operator qualification services

Independent witnessing that confirms welder competency

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Welder and welding operator qualification  

We will witness welder and welding operator qualification tests, to help ensure that your welders meet the required industry and regulatory standards. Using verbal and written exams either at your facilities or the welding school, we can endorse your welder’s ability to make welds that meet national and global requirements.

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  • What are the benefits of welder and operator witnessing?

    Improve your workforce

    Witnessing welder and operator qualification tests ensure you can employ welders with verified skillsets with the ability to follow written and verbal instructions to a required standard for any welding project you are working on.

    Guaranteed quality  

    With better welder capabilities comes improved performance levels and productivity. Implementing recognised welding procedures leads to high-quality products for your customers.

    Brand confidence

    Your customers want assurance that your services or products can meet their expectations. Using fully qualified welders gives customers confidence in your business and the ability to achieve desired outcomes, opening new commercial opportunities.   

  • How we can help?

    Wherever you are in the world, our team of experienced inspectors are available to witness your welder tests in accordance with:

    • EN ISO 9606
    • EN 287
    • ISO 14732
    • ASME IX
    • AWS

    We are an independent, third-party agency able to endorse welder certificates issued through academic centres or via companies’ internal welding qualification tests. LRQA is unable to provide copies of certificates and can only endorse existing copies – the original issuer must be contacted if additional copies are required.

Why work with us?

Client-focused and safety-driven

We strive to be your number one choice for welding qualification services. Our passion is to deliver a service of quality, integrity and a safety ethos, coupled with a technical wealth of experience, knowledge and professional academics; which in turn provides confidence for you and your stakeholders throughout the whole service.

Technical expertise

LRQA's technical experts can provide first-hand insights into the complex world of welding requirements, codes, and standards and the logic behind them. Our surveyors are chosen for their sector-specific knowledge and expertise, which means you can be confident that they'll understand the manufacturing challenges you face.

Our expert assessment teams take a collaborative approach that understands the importance of a fast, efficient appraisal with minimal disruption to your business. 



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