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AS 9100 Certification, Training & Resources

Certification and Training for AS 9100.

AS 9100 Series is an ISO 9001-based quality management standard focused on aerospace quality. AS 9100 certification underpins the safety, reliability and regulatory compliance of your products.

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The aerospace industry - which spans aviation, space and defence - is arguably the most highly regulated sector in the world and businesses are facing new challenges every day.

In order to satisfy regulators and customers alike,  the globally-recognised AS 9100 certification from LRQA delivers market access, compliance, reliability and a transparent commitment to global supply chain safety and quality excellence.  

AS 9100 Series comprises of three standards namely AS 9100 (aerospace organisations), AS 9110 (aviation maintenance) and AS 9120 (aerospace distributors) and was established by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). All are based on the international quality management system (QMS) standard ISO 9001 and incorporate additions and interpretations specific to the aerospace industries.

At LRQA, we pride ourselves in being the market leader in delivering aerospace certification and training services throughout the aerospace industry in accordance with the global IAQG certification scheme AS 9104-1, AS 9104-2 and AS 9104-3 which is under revision and due to be published at the end of 2020. Ahead of the impending changes, we will continue to work with organisations to help them meet their certification requirements. 

Benefits of AS 9100

End-to-end supply chain management

Certification to AS 9100 helps you optimise your organisation’s supply chain and build mutually beneficial relationships with your suppliers. By working together, delivery times and costs may be reduced, which ultimately reaches the customer, improving satisfaction and winning repeat business.

Employee engagement and decision making

By helping define and map your management system processes, AS 9100 ensures employee involvement and buy-in to meet customer satisfaction goals. Leadership is imperative to the success of your AS 9100 system, to make those all-important decisions to ensure continual improvement.

Improved efficiency and continual improvement

AS 9100 certification requires your organisation to use a process-based approach to operations and processes within your organisation. Continual improvement is one of the core principles in AS 9100 and is the process to help improve your management system over time and therefore your business performance. It helps reduce inefficiencies and ensures a smooth product and service delivery, as well as reduced costs to your business.

Need help with AS9100?

LRQA has been at the forefront of aerospace standards development, and a market leader in certification and training, for more than 30 years. We specialise in management systems compliance for the aerospace industry, including AS9100 training, AS9100 gap analysis, and AS9100 assessment & certification.

At LRQA we explore every problem thoroughly with exacting, analytical precision leaving no stone unturned, no question unanswered, to draw precise conclusions.

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Why work with us?

Accredited certification

LRQA was the first certification body to receive an official endorsement from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), giving your organisation confidence our assessors have the expertise to carry out your assessment. We not only understand the potential in cutting-edge ideas but apply this knowledge in ways which guarantee impact both today and over the long-term.

Technical expertise

Our assessors are aerospace engineers and industry specialists whom we match to your business needs, enabling an effective and comprehensive audit of your systems.

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