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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Efficiently plan, design, construct & manage buildings

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What is BIM?

LRQA's BIM certification scheme* is the most credible means of proving your business meets BIM requirements.

From identifying gaps against BIM certification to assessing areas of high risk, the scheme is designed to help you address and resolve potential issues and improve safety measures. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and help support you in achieving your business goals.

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*LRQA's BIM certification scheme is an independent third-party validation of BIM readiness

  • What are the benefits of BIM certification?

    Risk management

    By assessing potential risks and issues that may arise, the scheme ensures you plan for the unexpected. It gives you the ability to respond quickly, reducing downtime, improving efficiency and saving money in the process.

    Quality assurance

    The scheme ensures controls and processes are implemented to enable your organisation to effectively communicate from planning through to construction and into the operational life cycle of building the asset. It enables your organisation to safely maintain operations ensuring your customers receive the level of service they expect from your brand.

    Reduced costs and improved safety

    The digital construction of a facility significantly lowers the chances of reworks being required, planning for all outcomes and keeping the project on time and on budget. Safety on-site for construction teams and staff members once completed is improved through detailed planning and collaborative communication.

  • Need help with BIM certification?

    We offer a range of services for organisations of all sizes designed to help you comply to BIM requirements. We work collaboratively with you to design the best audit and training options for your business.

  • BIM services

    Gap analysis

    For organisations looking to identify any major gaps against the BIM certification scheme, you can work with an LRQA auditor to identify critical or high-risk areas, alongside specific vulnerabilities. The gap analysis concludes with a report which gives you the flexibility to focus on areas critical to your operations.

    BIM certification audit

    LRQA's BIM certification audit demonstrates to your key stakeholders that you have an effective and collaborative process to ensure the planning, design and construction of buildings and that it has been audited to the highest standards.

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Why choose LRQA?

Dedicated to assurance 

We explore every problem thoroughly with exact, analytical precision. We leave no stone unturned and no questions unanswered, to draw accurate conclusions.

Technical expertise

LRQA auditors are industry specialists who we match to your business; allowing a comprehensive audit of your system.  We’re expert not only in understanding the potential in cutting-edge ideas but in applying them pragmatically in ways which guarantee impact both today and in the long-term.


Need help with BIM certification?

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