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Learn about Implementing Independent Certification.

Independent accredited certification can be a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers.

Management Systems Certification Services

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Learn from the past, manage the present and respond to the future.

LRQA is a leading independent provider of accredited certification services across a broad spectrum of standards and schemes as well as customised assurance programmes. We deliver our services to companies operating in all of the major sectors worldwide. Once a successful assessment is carried out and technical approval is given, we award you a certificate.

Why work with us?

With recognition from over 50 accreditation authorities worldwide, independent certification provides credibility for your stakeholders through the globally recognised LRQA brand. We help you focus on what matters to your organisation by adding value through the right assurance services.

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Management systems certification services

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    Quality, Environment and Health & Safety

    Deliver customer satisfaction, reduce your environmental impact and build a healthier and safer workplace.

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    Food, Beverage & Hospitality

    With increasing globalisation and complex supply chains, having the right food safety systems in place - verified by a reputable body with a global footprint is critical.

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    Achieve compliance with the complex medical devices regulatory framework.

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    Infosecurity & Cyber

    Reduce your exposure to information security threats and cyber-attacks.

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    Climate Change & Sustainability

    Effective management of your climate change and sustainability risks can lead to numerous organisational benefits.

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    Automotive, Aerospace & Transportation

    In the highly regulated automotive, aerospace and transportation sectors, assurance demonstrates your commitment to quality and continual improvement.