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Verification and report assurance

Peace of mind for your stakeholders

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Enhance transparency, meet ESG corporate objectives and build stakeholder trust through independent verification and report assurance.  

We can verify any information that your organisation tracks, targets, measures, or publishes. We’ll also support your existing verification programmes or work with you to build new ones that support your unique requirements. This could include company-specific criteria and standards, or ways to cascade verification best practices throughout your supply chain.

Our experts independently verify your data, information and reports to drive credibility and confidence in your supply chain helping you to adapt to the rapidly changing risks in the Assurance 4.0 era.


Why choose LRQA?

We’re here to help negotiate a rapidly changing world, by working with you to manage and mitigate the risks you face. From compliance to data-driven supply chain transformation, it’s our job to help you shape the future, rather than letting it shape you.