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LRQA's labelling advisory services help you create food labels for pre-packaged goods which meet complex regulatory and compliance requirements around the world.

Minimise risk and meet local and global labelling requirements

Product packaging is your brand’s representation on the marketplace, and its labels play a critical role in both providing customers with the information they need to make safe purchasing decisions and ensuring that your brand is compliant with applicable regulations. However, meeting these regulations can be challenging, particularly when you want to penetrate several markets with your product(s).

LRQA’s food labelling advisory services are designed to help producers mitigate key mislabelling risk, such as sanctions, fines, and product recalls, throughout the full product lifecycle. Delivered by highly experienced, legal and technical food sector experts, our advisory services provide guidance on a wide range of local and international regulatory requirements.

Why work with us?

Gain the confidence that your food labels contain all the necessary information, including ingredients, nutrition, and allergens, according to the legal requirements of different jurisdictions.

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Global capability

LRQA’s people are true food sector experts, selected for their sector-specific knowledge and ability to provide advisory services that ensure your product labels meet necessary compliance requirements.

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LRQA maintains impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across all LRQA businesses, including those that may exist between consultancy and third-party certification services.

beyond compliance.pngTotal assurance 

Whether its conducting audits based on your specific key performance indicators to drive focus on areas of greatest risk to your brand, or those established by your clients, our bespoke audit programmes cover every aspect of your operations.