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Independent facility assessment for additive manufacturing.

Using our framework, we provide assurance for AM printing facilities.

Additive Manufacturing Facility Qualification

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Even with well-designed parts with approved materials, many things can go wrong at the production stage.  When first adopting technology, companies either set up new in-house Additive Manufacuring facilities, or outsource to AM service bureaus to produce their components.

In both cases, qualification by an independent third-party can prove to your clients that you have appropriate processes in place.

Need help with additive manufacturing facility qualification?

Using our framework, "Guidance Notes for the Certification of Metallic Parts Made by Additive Manufacturing," we fully audit printing facilities, examining the following areas:

  • Personnel competence

  • Control of feedstock, auxiliary materials (e.g. gases, cleaning materials) and part handling

  • Installation, maintenance and ongoing capability of the AM system

  • Control of manufacturing through facility procedures and manufacturing plan

LRQA has qualified powder-based AM facilities that utilise powder-bed fusion and laser metal deposition techniques.

Why work with us?


For more than 250 years, LRQA has stood as an independent third-party provider of professional services for engineering and technology. We both write our own rules and contribute to global codes and standards. Our goal is to improve safety and increase the performance of processes and compliance for our clients in more than 75 countries worldwide. 

Technical expertise

LRQA has certified the first additively manufactured part for oil and gas, an innovative component that can only have been made through AM. In addition, we're involved in several joint industry projects with our industry partner, TWI. Each of LRQA's surveyors is trained and qualified in both traditional and additive manufacturing techniques.