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Aim higher with Lifts Directive (LD) certification.

LRQA provides a streamlined one-stop service to lead you through the assessment and certification process. We make the process run smoothly.

Lifts Directive (LD) Certification 2014/33/EU


The Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU applies to lifts permanently serving buildings and constructions, and is intended for the transport of:

  • Persons
  • Persons and goods
  • Goods alone if the carrier is accessible, that is to say a person may enter it without difficulty, and fitted with controls situated inside the carrier or within reach of a person inside the carrier.

The Directive also applies to safety components for use in such lifts. A ‘lift’ is defined as an applinace serving specific levels, having a carrier moving along guides which are rigid and inclined at an angle of more than 15 degrees to the horizontal, or a lifting appliance moving along a fixed course even where it does not move along rigid guides.

If you design or manufacture lifts and safety components, or you install or deliver new lifts in one or more of the countries within the European Union, the Lifts Directive will apply to you.

However, if you supply lifting appliances that operate in speed less than 0.15 m/s, then the Lifts Directive (See Machinery Directive) may not apply. 

What we offer

LRQA as a Notified Body is able to provide the following services in relation to the Lift Directive.

Quality Assurance Modules for Lifts:

  • Annex X/Module E
  • Annex XI/Module H1
  • Design examination according to Annex XI 3.3
  • Annex XII/Module D

Quality Assurance Modules for Safety Components:

  • Annex VI/Module E
  • Annex VII/Module H

What are the benefits?

Ensuring that lifts and safety components comply with the essential safety and legal requirements of the country in which you operate is an obligation and a crucial element for market access.

The Lift Directive is not only a mandatory regulation that you must comply with. It is a certification that provides an important commercial and technological value to your company, demonstrating to clients that you are a reliable and transparent stakeholder in the Lifts sector.

For large groups or SMEs, the evaluation module is the most beneficial, particuarlly in terms of value for money.

A global certification based on your quality assurance system will include:

  • A final test of your lift without the need for additional inspection
  • Flexibility in the use of the CE marking
  • An appreciable financial gain from the final inspection carried out by self inspecting;
  • The organisational contribution of setting up a quality system adapted to your structure.

Why choose LRQA?

Notification and Accreditation
LRQA has obtained accreditation in France (EU-27 Member State), and has been recognized for applying procedures that are widely tested and deliver positive results. LRQA France is Notified Body NoBo 2748.

Historically, LRQA was the first certification body to obtain accreditation in the UK and was a former UK Notified Body until 31/12/2020 (formerly NoBo 0088 before BREXIT). A pledge of our experience, expertise and professionalism to carry out your assessment. LRQA France benefits from this huge experience.

Technical expertise
Our auditors are pragmatic industrial experts, with a knowledge of the lifts sector and having followed a rigorous LRQA qualification.


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