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Live webinar: Driving the future of transport

Live webinar for organisations active in the automotive sector

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13 окт 2022

  • Локация Online
  • Място на провеждане 14.00 BG

SKF, LRQA and Elevate explore how effective risk-management can support the automotive sector across the global supply chain in a fast-paced environment.

Now more than ever, the automotive sector is experiencing change. Intense regulatory scrutiny, a lack of visibility, the recent COVID-19 pandemic and environmental concerns have all had a huge impact on the global automotive supply chain.

Though many industries are facing challenges across their supply chains, the automotive industry has long been one of the most complex.

Join SKF, LRQA & Elevate as we explore how effective risk-management can help businesses navigate the changing risk landscape and look towards a more sustainable supply chain:

  • Managing Compliance Risk in the Automotive Industry
  • Mitigating the supply chain disruptions
  • On the road to ESG

The panel discussion will be followed by a 15 minutes Q&A session.


  • Eric Deffarges, Group Quality Manager, SKF
  • Juraj Kliment, Managing Senior Lead Assessor, LRQA
  • Andy Imrie, Principal Consultant, Inspection Service, LRQA
  • Arno Gasteiger, Associate Director, Client Services, ELEVATE an LRQA company

Date: 13th of October | Time: 14:00 (BG) | Cost: Free of charge| Language: English: 

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