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Auditor & Surveyor Roles

Auditor and Surveyor Roles

Find out more about our auditor and surveyor roles.


Our expert teams of Auditors, Surveyors, Trainers and Cyber Specialists operate across a broad range of industries and sectors, helping our clients continue to maintain health and safety, sustainability and quality standards, and keep them on track for success.


Our surveyors are highly respected for their deep technical expertise and solution-based approach to reducing risk. They also operate efficiently and safely in the most challenging circumstances. Whether dealing with international codes and standards or industry and governmental regulations, they are keen and aware of the latest codes and processes, making their decisions based on confidence and giving them the ability to think innovatively, take the right actions and make positive recommendations.


If you are passionate about providing the best assurance-based services, we're looking for your expertise.

Our colleagues have deep technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail. They are curious and like to understand - not just for the sake of more knowledge but because of their natural curiosity. They go above and see beyond our client’s immediate requirements.

We provide our colleagues with the opportunity to stretch beyond their natural ‘comfort zone’ in the knowledge that they will be guided by strong inner principles to do the right thing by the business, their colleagues and clients. We do all of this so that our clients can be assured they are shaping the future rather than letting the future shape them.