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IDC CIO Summit 2021 - Middle East

The shape of organisational risk has changed. Learn more about the future of risk management and the important role of assurance in building trust.

About the event

The digital instalment of the IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2021 will navigate a broad range of themes that are central to this journey, so join us as senior IDC analysts and respected IT leaders take a deep dive into the new economy and explore what it means for your business.

The event’s dynamic agenda will take you through a series of presentations, panel discussions, real-life use cases, and dedicated industry tracks, giving you a bird’s eye view of the current market situation, the latest technological innovations, and strategies for propelling your organization to meet the unique challenges of these unprecedented times.

Next generation security & resilience

Join LRQA at 14.10 (GMT+4) on 24 February for a session led by Shirish Bapat (Auditor Manager, LRQA) centred around addressing the changing security landscape through assurance.


Managing risk & building trust: Addressing the changing security landscape through assurance

Trust and individual rights to privacy are factors growing in importance that will continue to be key business drivers. Until now, the strategy implemented by most organisations was based on technical security solutions and building plans for resilience responses and actions. These were heavily influenced by known threats and their potential impact.

The restrictions felt by everyone, in our personal and working lives, have been both unprecedented and unexpected. The shift to large-scale remote working and a lack of access to physical back-up sites has introduced new risks and accelerated CIO digitalisation strategies.

The future now looks very different. It’s crucial that organisations build on new ideas which go beyond traditional security measures. Customers need confidence in their processes like never before and moving forward, best practice risk management and third-party assurance will be routes to a significant competitive advantage.