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ASME Code Services & certification

Ensuring safe and compliant equipment ready for use

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What is ASME Code?

The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) is a globally recognised standard for construction of pressure vessels, piping and components for nuclear facilities.

Receiving a certificate of authorisation and the certification mark stamp from ASME ensures your equipment is safe and compliant for use. To apply the ASME certification mark to a piece of equipment, a manufacturer must first be audited and authorised by ASME to perform the work. This is done along with an authorised inspection agency.   Click here to learn more about this process.

The code requires businesses in a range of sectors to request inspections from authorised inspection agencies like LRQA. Updates to the code are issued every two years.

You can find out more about the 2021 changes to ASME Code here.

Benefits of ASME Code

  • Enhanced safety

ASME Code ensures you adhere to the very latest health and safety measures in your industry. It offers insight on how to reduce accidents to safeguard staff, while also protecting your valuable assets onsite.

  • Quality control and efficiency

ASME Code stamped equipment is a mark of quality that demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to maintaining the highest working practices. With better quality control comes improved efficiency as you develop and maintain performance-based standards.

  • Compliance and a commitment to excellence

ASME Code provides a framework to manage your regulatory and legal obligations. Implementing a robust system can help to deliver stakeholder confidence, thereby improving your brand reputation and providing a competitive advantage when bidding for contracts.

Why work with us?

Strategic vision 

Our technical know-how, sector expertise and innovative, forward-thinking approach will help you meet the challenges of today – and become a safer, more secure, and sustainable organisation tomorrow.

Technical expertise

We have specialist ASME authorised inspection agency personnel including boiler/pressure vessel and nuclear inspectors and supervisors available to offer insightful knowledge. Our inspectors are well known for their sector-specific knowledge and expertise, which means you can be confident that they'll understand the manufacturing challenges you face and oversee Code requirements are met.

Effective partnership

Every business is unique. That’s why our experts work with you, to fully understand your needs and goals, and work out how we can best support them.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards ASME certification, speak to a member of the team today.

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