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Management systems

Our accreditations.

Transparent and credible governance of certification bodies through the accreditation process is fundamentally important to the value of independent assessment and certification.

Accreditation is central to stakeholder confidence, ensuring assessor competence and maintaining  the impartiality of the decision-making process. Accredited certification of management systems to recognized national or international standards provides organizations with a credible means of managing risk, improving efficiency and fostering continual improvement and greater competitiveness.

We are recognized by nearly 30 accreditation bodies:

  • Our accreditations in EMEA.

    Accreditation body Country Accreditation Type
    ACCREDIA (formerly Sincert)  Italy QMS, EMAS, EU ETS
    APMG  UK ISO/IEC 20000
    BELAC  Belgium ACS
    COFRAC  France ISO 9001 & AQAP 2110, QMS, Cofrac accreditation No 4-0003, Management Systems Certification, Scope available on www.cofrac.fr/en
    IFS Broker & IFS Logistics, IFS Food, Décret 2019 565 (RNQ/QUALIOPI), Cofrac accreditation No 5-0069, Products and Services Certification, Scope available on www.cofrac.fr/en
    EN 9100 & EN 9120, Aerospace, Cofrac accreditation No 4-0570, Management Systems Certification, Scope available on www.cofrac.fr/en
    DAkkS  Germany SCC/SCP, EnMS
    EFR - Fundación MasFamilia  Spain EFR 1000 - 1
    RvA  Netherlands (C010) QMS, EMS, VCA/VCU, HKZ, NEN-EN 15224, EFISC, FAMI QS, Riskplaza, IVG (PED), NEN7510
    SWEDAC  Sweden QMS, EMS,  GHG, National Safety Scheme, SMS
    UKAS  UK QMS, ISO 13485, EMS, FSMS, ISMS, Product conformity certification, EC directives (LRQA), SMS, BCM, GHG verification, SCSMS, ITSMS, AMS, EnMS, BRC
    UNIFE  Europe IRIS
  • Our accreditations in Asia-Pacific

    Accreditation body Country Accreditation Type
    CNAS (formerly CNAB) P.R. China QMS, EMS, FSMS, HACCP
    HKCAS Hong Kong QMS, EMS, OH&S
    JAS-ANZ Australia/New Zealand QMS, EMS, National Safety Scheme, ISMS, OH&S
    KAB Korea QMS, AS9100, ISO 37001, KS Q 9100, ISO 37301
    SAC Singapore QMS, QMBS
    Standards Malaysia Malaysia QMS, EMS, HACCP
    TAF Taiwan QMS, ISO 14064, OH&S
    ACFS Thailand GMP / HACCP
    NABCB India  ISO 22000
  • Our accreditations in the Americas

    Accreditation body Country Accreditation Type
    ANAB USA QMS, EMS, Aerospace, RC/RCMS, ASRP (ISO 9001), SQF, GHG
    EMA Mexico QMS, ISO 39001
  • Our international accreditations

    Accreditation body Country Accreditation Type
    SMMT International IATF 16949:2016

Please note: Our accreditations are granted by accreditation bodies with defined sector and geographic scopes. If you would like more information about these, you can request detailed scopes of accreditation from your nearest LRQA office to confirm the accreditations available to you.

Independent and impartial

The markets served by LRQA value our services for their integrity. Critical to this is the need to recognize any potential conflicts of interest in the services provided and to take action to ensure these do not adversely impact on the impartiality, independence and objectivity of our actions.

We maintain our independence and impartiality by pro-actively managing conflicts of interest across all LRQA businesses including those which may exist between consultancy and third-party certification services.  We will not offer consultancy services for any management system that is in the process of or has completed accredited third-party certification with LR. Further, if we are already providing consultancy services relating to a management system, we will not offer any accredited third-party assessment services.

 Refusal of certification

If at the quoting and contracting stage, or during the process of certification LRQA is unable to grant certification, the reason for this decision will be communicated to your organization.