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2nd Party Audit Programs

Audit programs designed for you.

Create and deliver 2nd party audit programs bespoke to your business.

2nd Party Audit Programs

We recognize that established audit standards do not always meet the needs of businesses. LRQA has a longstanding track record of developing and delivering audit programs designed according to the specific needs of your organization. Whether it’s auditing against your own company’s KPIs or criteria, or that of your suppliers, our 2nd party audit programs can include a range of services all of which are underpinned by our technology, data and insight.

We’ve created bespoke audit programs for businesses across the supply chain, working closely with some of the world’s largest food manufacturers, restaurants and retailers to create programs that deliver transparency, credibility and build trust. Giving you full visibility across your business and/or supply chain, allowing for intervention and improvement where required, second party audit programs provide you with more than just compliance.

A full suite of services

Our audit programs often include standards or services focusing on:

  • Food safety and product quality
  • Food safety culture
  • Provenance and traceability
  • Sustainability and ethical practices
  • Animal welfare verification
  • Labeling
  • Specifier standards (e.g. McDonald’s supplier audit programs)
  • Improvement initiatives
  • Training (individual courses or academies)

Remote capability

Our remote audit capabilities mean we can deliver assurance programs from a remote location. Using secure platforms and tried and tested technology, our experts are all fully trained in remote desktop assessments and audits, to ensure that even when on-site access isn’t possible, your assurance program can continue without disruption.

Find out more about 2nd party remote audits.

Why work with us?

Sector expertise and technical knowledge

Our food and drink team has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to help you design the optimum program for your business. They are on hand to interpret data and insight from an industry best practice perspective, in the context of your organization.

Global capability

Located around the world, our global team of experts deliver audits and programs across multiple sites for thousands of food businesses. Our remote auditing technology means we can access all locations even in the event of challenging circumstances. 

Technology enabled

Our innovative data platforms allow you to capture real time data from across your organization and supply chain, helping you identify any areas of vulnerability quickly and efficiently, while mitigating risk across the supply chain.

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