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Carbon footprint and decarbonization strategy

Ensure targets are met with our strategy and design corporate decarbonization approach

Develop an effective decarbonization strategy

In an era where environmental stewardship has taken centre stage, regulations are becoming more stringent, and climate-related supply chain disruptions more present, decarbonization has emerged as an essential strategy for businesses. 
Reducing carbon emissions is crucial in combatting climate change and having the right strategy to reduce emissions can help companies manage financial climate-related risks and meet increasing regulatory demands for climate-related disclosures and green transition roadmaps. 
The LRQA Strategy & Design process supports you in calculating your carbon footprint, setting ambitious science-based reduction targets, and developing an effective decarbonization strategy that allows you to deliver actual results across your entire value chain. From credible emission reduction targets and carbon neutrality (net zero) to a net positive strategy, LRQA supports companies around the globe in achieving their degree of ambition and desired impact, while enabling them to address multiple business challenges.

Our Strategy and Design: Carbon Footprint and Decarbonization Strategy approach

Our approach ensures the generation of verified, high-quality GHG emissions data that aligns with global GHG accounting standards. With robust tools and processes, we provide clients with customizable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for assessing their carbon footprint. 
Our end-to-end offering serves as a solid foundation for setting science-based emission reduction targets and developing tailored decarbonization strategies that ensure targets are met and progress is reported.  


  • Scoping exercise and data gathering (incl supplier data for Scope 3)
  • Benchmarking vs peers’ strategies
  • Mapping of regulatory requirements and/or (voluntary) framework requirements such as SBTI


  • Data and analytical support 
  • Calculation and verification of corporate carbon footprint
  • Benchmarking and target setting
  • Stakeholder and supplier engagement


  • Corporate carbon footprint
  • (Re)defined decarbonization strategy that includes science based reduction targets and allows monitoring and reporting 

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Why partner with us?

Our solutions enable our clients to take a fully committed path to sustainability that compliments environmental knowledge with comprehensive social expertise.

Our people

Experts all over the world who speak the local language, understand the context and regulatory environment.

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Proprietary tools

Our proprietary research tools are used every day across the world to identify risks and are tailored to industry and geography.


Our evaluation is based on decades of experience not only assessing current states, but also designing and implementing long term programs.

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We are experts in global and local regulations, reporting and disclosure requirements, equivalencies, and certification standards. We can help you develop and implement a strategy.

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