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CE Marking for simple pressure vessels.


Simple Pressure Vessels Directive

What is it?

The Simple Pressure Vessels Directive (SPVD) is a European directive that applies to certain types of simple pressure vessels which need to be sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The SPVD applies to simple pressure vessels manufactured in a series. A 'simple pressure vessel' means any welded vessel designed to contain an internal pressure greater than 0.5 barg that is air or nitrogen, and not intende to be fired.  The maximum working pressure of the vessel can't exceed 30 bar and the product of the working pressure (PS) and the capacity of the vessel (V) shall not exceed 10,000 bar/liter.

Depending on the type of equipment - its pressure rating multipled by volume, or the manufacturing standard used - manufacturers may select a procedure from a range of conformity modules, which include:

  • Manufacturers' self-certification
  • Third-party type examination (EC Type Examination)
  • Third-party inspection (EC Certificate of Adequacy or EC Verification)

Vessels where PS x V exceeds 50 bar/liter must satisfy the essential safety requirements of the SPVD, set out in Annex I.  These must undergo a notified body assessment.

What we do.

As a Notified Body for the Simple Pressure Vessel Directive, LRQA can help you gain the CE mark for your simple pressure equipment.

We can perform inspection to all aspects of the SPVD's conformity modules, including:

  • EC Type Examination
  • EC Certificate of Adequacy
  • EC Certificate of Verification
  • EC Certificate of Conformity

Why choose LRQA?

Technical expertise

LRQA's technical experts can provide first-hand insights into the requirements of the PED and the logic behind them. Our surveyors are chosen for their sector-specific knowledge and expertise, which means you can be confident that they'll understand the manufacturing challenges you face.

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