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TANATEX Chemicals: Making inspection work better all-round.

Reviewing and improving a stand-alone compliance management system


Client challenge

In the chemical processing business, keeping maintenance and inspection documentation in order is a vital matter. In TANATEX’s case, manufacturing assets must meet the BRZO, a Dutch regulation for companies whose industrial accidents could pose a major risk to the community. Knowing that a missed inspection could lead to a catastrophic failure, the company’s maintenance manager, Jim Casey, had developed a plant inspection maintenance regime. This was the result of several years of cataloguing equipment and hard work.

A major client concern, however, was having a stand-alone system that depended on the knowledge of a few personnel. The company, a long-term client, needed an outside opinion on whether the solution could be more robust in complying with government agency demands. They turned to us for an independent evaluation, identifying any gaps, risks and possible improvements. This was a fundamental project for the global chemical manufacturer, operating in the textile industry for over 50 years.


How we helped

We brought existing experience of our client’s inspection needs to the project, alongside in-depth knowledge of Dutch regulation as an authorized certifying agency. Our support included:

  • conducting a specialist IT audit, with recommendations to close the risk gaps

  • developing a compliance process, accessible across the client’s business and to independent surveyors and other third parties

  • designing a database containing all the relevant documents and imagery for each asset, including design drawings, risk analyses, test planning, photographs, permits and regulatory information

  • linking up assets to a calendar module to show inspection appointments

  • creating an inventory of all relevant equipment.

The project was complicated because equipment was put into service under two different legislative requirements (Stoomwet, the local Dutch pressure equipment regulations prior to 2002, and the WBDA after 2002). Our client was also keen to go beyond legislative compliance to ensure no unnecessary risks were being taken.


Client feedback

"It is ultimately important for regulators to have your answer ready and to have control over what we do. We now have more than enough of that and that gives us confidence!"

Jim Casey

Maintenance Manager, TANATEX Chemicals

“The production department, the laboratory and the purchasing department now have an understanding of the maintenance schedule. It's all become a lot more transparent and an integral part of our organization.”

Dick Uitendaal

Chief Operations and Technology Officer, TANATEX Chemicals

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