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Terex Trucks Transitions to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Certification.

Certification to revised quality and environmental standards, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

ISO 9001 & 14001 Case Study: Manufacturing

Client challenge

Terex Trucks makes rigid and articulated dump trucks for mining, quarrying and infrastructure projects. The company’s history dates to Ohio in 1934, when the Euclid 1Z was manufactured. Sixteen years later, the first truck was produced at our client’s headquarters in Scotland, UK. Today, Terex Trucks has a network of 120 dealers, providing service, parts and support globally.

Our client’s trucks operate in some of the world’s most extreme environments. Demonstrating a leading commitment to quality is an ongoing commercial imperative. Following successful recertification against ISO 9001:2008, we advised Terex Trucks that their Quality Management System (QMS) was well placed to meet many of the requirements of the new standard: ISO 9001:2015.

How we helped

Following a full assessment conducted internally, we worked with Terex Trucks on a phased transition plan. It was a strong collaboration with the client team, which included 12 formally trained, in-house auditors. Our support included providing technical expertise, assessments and reports for continuous improvement of the company’s systems. Martin Dolan, Quality Manager at Terex Trucks, remarked: “Over our journey to the new standard, we were provided with a high level of support and our [LRQA] assessor played a huge part in how our systems look today.” Our client was particularly impressed with the impact our assessor had on the speed at which the organisation completed its transition. 

Becoming one of the first companies to successfully move to ISO 9001:2015 wasn’t the only goal that Terex Trucks had set for its management system. During the transition phase, the client also arranged a stage-one assessment against the forthcoming ISO 14001:2015, the revised international Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standard. The introduction of updated requirements was the perfect opportunity to develop the company’s EMS, alongside its QMS. Here, employee engagement through internal training sessions was essential. All employees attended classroom or virtual training sessions, which explained the structure and new requirements of the standards. A strong communications strategy was also key to prepare for the arrival of the new standards.

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Insight & Client comment

Terex Trucks could use the knowledge gained from the preparatory work on its QMS, to develop its EMS to the revised ISO 14001:2015. Martin Dolan at Terex Trucks, added: “There is a lot of commonality between the two standards and with both now following the structure introduced by Annex SL, we were able to learn from the work we completed on our QMS and integrate our EMS at the same time.”

The increased focus on leadership within the new standards had a significant impact on the organisation and their existing management systems. To address this, Martin and the team held a series of management review sessions over three months. To support key stakeholder engagement across the organisation, our client’s Management Execution System (MES) played a core role in communicating the transition. This included defining and communicating action workflows, ownership and timescales for all improvement activity within the organisation. Martin added that their MES proved invaluable when developing the process approach to managing strategy, risk mitigation and impact assessment on interested parties.

Client comment 

“Our LRQA assessor recognised that our QMS was so advanced that we could realistically work towards an early transition to ISO 9001:2015. We would have waited until 2017 if the assessor hadn’t recognised this. It’s a testament to the high level of training that LRQA provide to their assessors and the preparation that took place leading up to the release of the new standards.”


Martin Dolan

Quality Manager, Terex Trucks

Business benefits

Terex Trucks maximised the benefits of certification. Our client has a management system in place which will help the organisation to improve its products, processes and service quality even further, alongside customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Martin Dolan explained how the certification work is already paying off: “Our performance statistics confirm that we have successfully delivered on our aim for the QMS and EMS, and we will continue to build on this in the future through the deployment of our management system.”

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