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Making sure equipment vendors deliver for a major power plant in India.

Making sure equipment vendors deliver for a major power plant in India.


Client challenge

Constructing a major new power plant is a high-risk, capital-intensive project. Our client, an established power plant operator in India, wanted support with the supply of equipment. Assets would come to the plant from Chinese vendors. With some 300 to choose from, the question focused on which one were most likely to deliver. Reliability of the supply chain was fundamental to the project’s success.


How we helped

Our solution included developing an assessment framework, enabling our client to make informed, strategic decisions in drawing up a short list of contractors. This smart inspection approach identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each preferred vendor. With this valuable knowledge, our client could see ahead and put in place appropriate risk-mitigation plans.

Following vendor commissioning, we inspected all the equipment being manufactured in China before its installation in India.


Powerful results

A highly strategic approach to supply chain assurance played a key part in this project’s successful delivery.

Powerful results

Organising assets into the new database has delivered a range of additional benefits to TANATEX.

Our client can plan inspections in advance for up to the next six years, across the organisation.

Management can schedule plant downtime in a coordinated way, enhancing client delivery.

Personnel save significant time finding and sending on inspection-related documents, as our surveyors can access these ahead of time.

In addition, the data-migration exercise led to an even deeper understanding at TANATEX of equipment regulation and classification.


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