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Be confident that you are choosing the right supplier.

Understand how your supply chain operates and the standards they work to with LRQA's vendor audits.

Vendor assessments and audits

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Whether it is signing a contract with a new provider or planning a project with an existing supplier, getting that upfront assurance that you are working with the right company is vital. Vendor audits also known as supplier audits allow you to gather important information about a suppliers’ capabilities, machinery, and management systems and help you decide whether they are a company that you want as part of your supply chain.   

What are the benefits?

Protect your brand reputation
Maintaining the quality of your supply chain management and understanding how they operate assures you that your suppliers are reliable and safe, which helps to deliver stakeholder confidence, thereby improving your brand reputation.

Save time and money without compromising on quality 
Our vendor audits allow your supplier to identify weaknesses in their business and put steps in place to ensure effective processes and better quality which can help you save time and money by reducing unnecessary costs.

Have confidence in your suppliers
Understanding how your supply chain operates and the standards they work to will give you confidence that they are a business you want as part of your supply chain.

Need help with vendor assurance?

Our vendor audits are tailored specifically for your sector and organisation and look at threats to supplier processes such as quality management systems, product inspections, the capability to deliver, procurement, and corrective actions.

We know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we deliver bespoke vendor audits designed for your organisation. From initial discussions through to on-site visits, our vendor audits give you the ability to assess suppliers against leading practice either on-site or remotely.


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