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Managing risk in a connected world

Our deep experience in assurance – combined with award-winning cybersecurity services – helps keep you one step ahead of cyber risks.

Information and Cyber Security

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The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and it’s becoming harder for organisations to shield themselves from sophisticated attacks. A commitment to cybersecurity – backed by an effective assurance programme – helps protect your business from breaches, non-compliance, reputational damage and disruption.

Our deep technical insight and expertise, supported by our extensive cybersecurity portfolio, enables us to work collaboratively with your business – helping you identify the specific threats you face before providing solutions to mitigate them. We can certify your systems, identify vulnerabilities, and help prevent attacks and incidents that could impact your brand integrity, finances and operations.

  • Information security management

    Our compliance and certification services help you protect business-critical information and demonstrate internationally recognised best practices.

  • Operational resilience

    Be ready to prevent, respond and recover from disruption with our certification, training and governance, risk and compliance services.

  • Cyber protection

    Stay one step ahead of cyber threats, with tailored solutions that provide a first line of defence and response to all types of cyber-attack.

We provide audit, training and certification services against the world’s leading international standards and schemes, complemented by a wide range of advanced cybersecurity services delivered by our specialists, Nettitude.

By combining our globally recognised portfolio of services with Nettitude’s threat-led cybersecurity offering, we can help your organisation build a comprehensive assurance programme tailored to address your unique requirements – delivering protection against the threats you face today while ensuring you are prepared for the risks of tomorrow.

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