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Business Improvement services

Identifying the right solution for your business



Your business is unique. Its needs, goals and objectives are different than any other organisation. This differentiates you and gives you business advantage, but may also require a customised approach to the way your business processes and programmes are identified, managed, measured and improved upon.

The challenge of globalisation, changing customer requirements, legislation and technology means that worldwide, organisations are increasingly turning to business improvement programmes, underpinned with client specific criteria, to help them meet their organisational goals.

LRQA business improvement solutions are focused on delivering client value by offering a variety of tools and techniques to identify the right solution for your business. Once we have assessed your needs, we can then identify the most appropriate methods to equip you with the relevant knowledge and implement the recommended improvement initiatives. Simply select the service that is most relevant to your business:

LRQA understands your business; our broad capability within this arena is linked to your strategic objectives, allowing us to help reduce your risks and drive continual improvement and competitive advantage. We work alongside our clients - irrespective of their size, sector or geographical location - to deliver impartial, independent services to provide you with a range of solutions that are right for you and your business. As a result, our clients can benefit from a global management systems professional network who understand your business, your sector and the regulatory landscape you operate in.

LRQA has unparalleled access to resources, thereby enabling us to undertake any type of assurance work spanning inspection, surveillance, verification or audit services to address specific requirements or regulatory codes in most industry areas.

Whatever your needs, we have the capability to create the right tailored solution to meet your business objectives.

For Mars, the benefit of the Quality Management Process and the audit programme is that we now have a consistent approach to quality in food safety
Global Head of Quality and Food Safety Management, Mars Inc.

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