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Siapa kami?

LRQA adalah penyedia jaminan global terkemuka

Integritas dan keahlian yang kami bawa ke dalam kemitraan kami dengan klien mendukung perjalanan mereka menuju masa depan yang lebih aman, lebih terjamin, dan lebih berkelanjutan.

Tentang LRQA

By bringing together unrivalled expertise in certification, brand assurance, cybersecurity, inspection and training, we've become a leading global assurance provider.

We’re proud of our heritage, but it’s who we are today that really matters, because that’s what shapes how we partner with our clients tomorrow. By combining strong values, decades of experience in risk management and mitigation and a keen focus on the future, we’re here to support our clients as they build safer, more secure, more sustainable businesses.

From independent auditing, certification and training; to technical advisory services; to real-time assurance technology; to data-driven supply chain transformation, our innovative end-to-end solutions help our clients negotiate a rapidly changing risk landscape – making sure they’re shaping their own future, rather than letting it shape them.

LRQA, A Leading Global Assurance Provider

Mengapa memilih LRQA?

We're here to help negotiate a rapidly changing world, by working with you to manage and mitigate the risks you face. From compliance to data-driven supply chain transformation, it's our job to help you shape the future, rather than letting it shape you. We do this by delivering:

Strategic vision
Our technical know-how, sector expertise and innovative, forward-thinking approach will help you meet the challenges of today – and become a safer, more secure, and sustainable organisation tomorrow.

Technical expertise
Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your specific challenges, standards and requirements – then deploy deep knowledge of certification, brand assurance, food safety, cybersecurity, inspection and training to help you meet them.

Global capability
Operating in more than 120 countries, recognised by over 30 accreditation bodies worldwide, and covering almost every sector, we can help you manage risk, drive improvement and build credibility with stakeholders around the globe.

Effective partnership
Every business is unique. That’s why our experts work with you, to fully understand your needs and goals, and work out how we can best support them.

Fresh perspective
We have led the way in shaping our industry and continue to take every opportunity to collaborate with clients and pioneer new ideas, services and innovation.

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