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manajemen keamanan makanan iso 22000

Menetapkan praktik terbaik dalam keamanan pangan.

Berlaku untuk organisasi mana pun dalam rantai pasokan makanan, ISO 22000 menguraikan persyaratan untuk sistem manajemen keamanan pangan.

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LRQA is a market leader in the delivery of ISO 22000 Food safety management - an established and highly-respected standard for food safety. Having helped develop ISO 22000, our technical experts now audit the best-known food businesses across the globe.

ISO 22000 is vital for businesses of any size that want to demonstrate they can effectively manage and control food safety hazards and follow best-practice when it comes to food safety. 

Benefits of ISO 22000

Competitive advantage

Certification against one of the leading standards in your sector, such as ISO 22000 sets you apart from your competition.

Continual improvement

Improve communications and processes around food safety throughout your organisation and drive continual optimisation across your supply chain.

New business opportunities

Food safety certification opens the door to new partnerships with the many organisations that require certification to ISO 22000.

Customer confidence

Protect your brand and earn customer trust by proving the integrity of your production programmes and supply chain management.

Employee engagement

ISO 22000 has a renewed focus on employee engagement, which is of critical importance when driving a food safety culture across your organisation.

Time and cost reductions

Annex SL introduces an integrated approach to managing multiple management systems, allowing you to treat all systems as a single entity.

Need help with ISO 22000?

Increasing consumer demand for safe and sustainable food and feed production combined with global supply chains becoming more complex, the quest for food safety has never been so acute.

In response, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a new version of the international food safety management system (FSMS) standard ISO 22000:2018 in June 2018.

LRQA can work with your business to either provide ISO 22000 certification; or assist with your transition to the revised standard which was published in June 2018

Why work with us?

Regulatory insight

LRQA's technical experts helped develop ISO 22000, giving an unparalleled understanding of the standard, which enables us to deliver tangible benefits.

Technical expertise

Our assessors are industry specialists who we match with your business needs, enabling an efficient audit of your system.

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