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Businesses hold a responsibility to reduce negative impacts from their operations, be it through lessening environmental impacts or mitigating violations of basic human rights for workers. This is the foundation of supply chain Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) due diligence and should be the driving force behind enhancing a responsible sourcing program.  

Our 2024 Supply Chain ESG Global Risk Outlook report sheds light on the highest-risk sourcing geographies posing significant threats to global supply chains and illustrates how trends are evolving. Drawing on 75+ million data points from 25,000+ annual audits, our industry-leading supply chain intelligence platform, EiQ, reveals insights that businesses can use to inform their critical due diligence programs. 

This year, our report highlights alarming trends, including a rise in forced labor violations across key markets and a worrying drop in supplier transparency levels. These findings are particularly of concern given the increased regulatory focus and increase in supply chain legislation globally. Through our data-driven insights, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their risk exposure and improve responsible sourcing decision-making and risk management

We update our risk ratings bi-annually to support ongoing monitoring of supply chain ESG issues and identify emerging risk hotspots. Download our latest report here. 

Supply chain ESG global risk outlook 2024-Report cover