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Trust the first nuclear Independent Third-Party Inspection Agency.

Starting in the 1950's, our independent nuclear assessment experience continues to grow.

Nuclear statutory certification


Statutory compliance requirements are different for nuclear plants around the world. With experience globally and our range of certifications, LRQA can help the conformity of your project.

What we offer

Independent Third-Party Inspection Agency (ITPIA)/Independent Assessor (IA)

In the UK, there is a requirement to verify that nuclear items or services have been designed, constructed and tested in accordance with technical specifications. 

The typical scope for an ITPIA includes all major components of the nuclear steam supply system and other safety classified components, including:

  • Reactor pressure vessel, pressuriser
  • Steam generators, primary piping
  • Coolant pump, emergency core cooling systems
  • Other primary circuit components including turbines (non-PWR designs)
  • Safety-significant civil structures

The ITPIA also prepares, signs and issues certificates of conformity for each of the assessed items of equipment and each of the assemblies.

The typical role of an ITPIA includes:

  • Design review and Verification
  • Assess and monitor the QA programme
  • Review, comment on drawings and process procedures. Set in Quality Plans the hold and notification points and inspect against them
  • Verify Material procurement Witness/verify in-process fabrication and erection, and witness final pressure tests.
  • Witness/ verify non-destructive examination
  • Review welder qualification and welding procedure qualification
  • Witnessing of final U/T validation of procedures and operators
  • Review and endorsement of all component life time records

Conformity assessment 

We can also confirm that assets comply with statutory requirements, regulations or standards. LRQA has the authority to carry out third-party inspections including ASME, PED, RCC-M, and KEPIC.

Why choose LRQA?

LRQA has been involved as an independent provider of assessment and statutory services for the nuclear industry for more than 60 years. As the UK's first ITPIA, we approved the design and conducted a full survey from the steel works to testing on site of the Calder Hall plant in the 1950's. Calder Hall was the world's first full-scale civil nuclear power plant. 

We were also appointed ITPIA for the Sizewell B plant, now operated by EDF. More recently we were named ITPIA For the Hinkley Point C plant and for the Wylfa Newydd nuclear power plant in North Wales.

We have certified 18 Magnox reactors in the UK, Italy and Japan; 4 AGR's, 9 PWR's and 1 FBR.


It is critical that the ITPIA act with integrity in today’s modern supply chain, and we believe that LRQA fulfills that criteria.
Project Manager, Horizon Nuclear Power Javan Bonathan

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