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Learning fast to export six generators to India.

Design appraisal and certification services to meet Indian Boiler Regulation standards for the first time


Client challenge

Our client, a major North American power plant equipment supplier, needed to deliver a new piece of business. It wanted to export six heat recovery steam generators, manufactured in the US and Asia, to India. The equipment, which would serve a large gas power plant, had to comply with stringent IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation) standards. This regulatory landscape was novel for our client.

How we helped

Close collaboration with our client was the key to delivering high-quality equipment, cost efficiently. We immediately established a global team, led in the US, and organised quick learning sessions to bring clarity to the regulatory requirements. To speed up the design process, we placed our design team at the client’s fabrication site. Our personnel acted as a full-time resource throughout the project, conducting independent design appraisal to IBR standards.

Both in the US and Asia, we certified the equipment’s fabrication. Our support here included certifying the client’s various materials’ suppliers to the regulatory requirements and providing guidelines for obtaining certified materials. Our advice and guidance also helped our client to best control fabrication and welding. This included making sure that welder and welding qualifications were achieved.


Clients who are exporting for the first time often approach us to learn more about local regulations. Our global presence, and understanding of the wide range of accreditations around the world, provide manufacturers with the confidence they need from a technical perspective.


Powerful results

The close working relationship enabled our client to meet mandatory regulation and domestic code requirements, alongside the specific requests of their end user, without concern. The company was able to export six heat recovery steam generators to India for the first time in its history, on time and well within budget.  

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