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Hydrogen Project Assurance

Your partner for hydrogen projects


As the world moves to other alternative energy sources, the use of hydrogen to supplement the fossil fuel supply or completely replace the use of natural gas is increasing.

From Approval in Principle to Type Approval and Vendor Assessments - our range of services provide assurance around equipment adaptation and manufacture, while also helping you stay ahead of incoming standards which are developing quickly. We also offer a Certificate of Origin to provide assurance on the quality and type of hydrogen that is being purchased.

We’ll work closely with you, helping you navigate the impact of a changing regulatory landscape, as well as the challenges relating to facilities, and the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen as it moves into the energy mainstream.

LRQA Hydrogen Services

LRQA can offer a full modularised hydrogen assurance solution in the following areas:

  • Approval in Principle

    Products that have no service history in the market, for proposed applications or environments, will generally face limited acceptance.

    Such products may be considered a supply chain risk by end users/EPCs and operators unless backed up by trusted certification.

    Approval in principle helps support financial decision gates, addresses all stakeholder uncertainties, and reduces clients’ technical and commercial risk exposure.

    Clients also receive the LRQA certificate substantiating the early stage feasibility of the new product, enhancing credibility and proving to the market that the equipment is fit for purpose.

  • Certificate of Origin

    The hydrogen certificate of origin provides proof that the hydrogen production process incurs significantly reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to the conventional production route using energy from fossil fuels.

    Electrolysis of water powered by renewable energy or steam methane reforming coupled with carbon capture and storage produce green and blue hydrogen respectively, both of these processes are covered under LRQA’s certificate of origin scheme.

    This is verified through auditing of the production and carbon accounting records, ensuring that the producer has an effective system for managing the quality, quantity and traceability of the hydrogen gas produced.

    Guarantee of origin for electricity of renewable sources is already a regulatory requirement in some regions, such as through the 2003/54/EC and EN 16325 in Europe. Current initiatives, such as the recast Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC, are underway to extend this to the generation of hydrogen.

  • Net-zero manufacturing assurance

    Organisations that are looking to adopt hydrogen often find that further insight and experience are needed. LRQA is a trusted partner, with the expertise and solutions to support clients on their journey to net-zero.

    Net-zero manufacturing assurance offers a hydrogen assurance solution in many areas covering design and technology evaluation, independent assessments and many more.

    Manufacturers require a mechanism to prove to the market that their equipment is suitable to be used throughout the hydrogen value chain and able to market their equipment to a wider audience.

    LRQA can support manufacturing plants with our specialists providing advisory support regarding hydrogen adoption.

  • Hydrogen Standards Training

    In an emerging hydrogen sector, one risk to projects is the uncertainty around evolving standards and the regulatory environment.

    LRQA training demonstrates the necessary overview of global standards and best practices in the entire process of the supply chain, giving your management and customers confidence in various phases of the process life cycle, including and not limited to, Production of Hydrogen, Storage of Hydrogen, Transportation of Hydrogen, Fuelling stations.

    Undergoing the session would result in the establishment and improvement of quality controls. LRQA has experienced resources who have worked with many organisations to identify gaps in manufacturing processes & controls, subsequently reducing operational risk & rework.

    The Bespoke training has the following modules/ sessions :

    The first session will comprise of Overview of Hydrogen landscape, Current risk associated in Hydrogen sector, Safety Concept of Hydrogen Technology and Hydrogen System – Damage Mechanism and Material.

    The subsequent session / sessions will be tailored according to the requirements of the production method, production equipment, applicable regulations with respect to the geographical area / Country of operation and geographical area / Country of end usage, manufacturing standards applicable for geographical area / Country of export or operation.

Why work with LRQA?

LRQA is working together with governments and industry to support the development of corporate strategies for net zero manufacturing. Work with an experienced and trusted partner to help and support you in your journey to net zero manufacturing.

Need help with Net Zero Manufacturing Assurance?

LRQA Inspection Services team are experienced in providing a wide range of services to the hydrogen value chain.

Contact us to learn more about Net Zero Manufacturing Assurance.

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