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ISO 14067 Carbon Emiss Reduction

ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint Verification

An LRQA verified Product Carbon Footprint acts as a management tool to drive cost reduction and establish a clear climate strategy at global level.

Establish an accurate, independently verified Product Carbon Footprint.

Overview ISO 14067

ISO 14067 specifies the principles, requirements and guidelines for the quantification and reporting of the carbon footprint of a product (PCF), and is consistent with life cycle assessment (LCA) Standards (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044). This Standard contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 on Climate Change.

Many customers are looking to use their purchasing choices as a way to help protect the planet from climate change. Forward-thinking businesses are therefore measuring the carbon footprint of their products to enable consumers to make that choice, and at the same time gain a better understanding of their GHG emissions so that they can reduce them. Stakeholders, including investors and staff, are also driving companies to have effective measures in place with respect to ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) issues, and verified PCF is an important step in reaching that goal.

Benefits of ISO 14067

Stakeholder demand - Both internal and external stakeholders are looking for accurate, transparent information to help them make purchasing decisions about their products. Independently verified product carbon footprints enable stakeholders to assess the robustness and reliability of brand claims.

Competitive advantage – Customers are seeking products with a lower carbon footprint and expect organisations to have measures and plans in place to reduce GHG emissions. In relation to products and services, this journey starts with establishing the carbon footprint, before having it independently verified. By disclosing LRQA verified PCF, companies can gain a competitive advantage, enhancing the reputation of their brand value and driving stronger ESG performance.

Efficiency gain – LRQA verification of PCF can reveal inefficiencies, waste, data gaps, errors or misstatements in a process that identifies cost savings and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Benchmarking – it can be difficult for businesses to differentiate between products according to their carbon footprint, an independent assurance statement increases visibility and gives confidence that data is accurate and reliable.

Risk management – as an important component of ESG, LRQA verified PCF lowers risk, protects business continuity and demonstrates climate resilience.

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Need help with PCF Verification?

LRQA verification independently verifies your data increase visibility and help inform key decisions. Checking that the product carbon footprint is in accordance to ISO 14067 is critical to increasing the credibility of the footprint and improvements externally.

LRQA verification typically has two stages:

Stage 1 – Initial data review, verification plan and sampling plan.
Stage 2 – Data verification, creation of list of findings. Final Report and Assurance Statement.

Whether your business has a comprehensive but unverified carbon footprint analysis for your product(s), or whether you are just starting out on the journey, get in touch - to ensure that you are able to leverage the value of verified data.

LRQA: Your trusted assurance partner in a changing sustainability landscape.

We’re here to help negotiate a rapidly changing world, by working with you to manage and mitigate the risks you face. From compliance to data-driven supply chain transformation, it’s our job to help you shape the future, rather than letting it shape you.

Technical expertise - the technical knowledge and project management expertise of our globally renowned, experienced and highly trained ESG and sustainability experts ensures that we can adapt our assurance services to your business needs. We bring international expertise and deep insight backed with first class project management and communication skills.

Strategic vision - LRQA is trusted by businesses worldwide to help them transform sustainability and ESG performance. LRQA is a PCF verification partner and one of the longest standing GHG verification providers, recognised by over 45 independent accreditation bodies to provide third-party certification, verification and assurance of climate change and sustainability data. We can provide independent verification and assurance against a range of standards, schemes, and guidelines, including ISO 14064, EU/UK ETS, GRI, and AA1000.

Effective partnership - we have built thousands of enduring client partnerships based on the values we share and our global reputation, industry leadership and sector knowledge. In a rapidly changing sustainability landscape, every business is unique. That’s why our experts work with you, to fully understand your needs and goals; to better understand how we can support them.

We believe our customers need a new kind of partner. A partner that can blend technical expertise and knowledge with data-driven tools to drive change, transform performance, build trust and sustain growth.

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