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Pioneering multi-sector, ethical auditing.

SMETA is an audit procedure developed by Sedex - the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange - a not for profit organisation that supports businesses committed to continuously improving ethical performance within their supply chains.


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Sedex compiled the best practices used in ethical auditing, including the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) code along with local regulations and laws applicable in each country, as measurement tools to produce the SMETA methodology.

This standardised methodology reduces the duplication in multi-level supplier audits, resulting in a single audit as opposed to a different audit per client. Organisations can then share results with other clients through the Sedex database; one of the largest global platforms for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains.


LRQA’s (LRQA) training solutions help you get the most out of your SMETA audit. Our public courses offer the benefit of sharing experiences with other delegates; while on-site events allow you to tailor sessions to your specific organisational systems and needs.

SMETA Audits and Sedex upload

Once audits are complete with technical approval given, LRQA provides a detailed report that we can upload into the Sedex database on your behalf. Sharing your report through Sedex demonstrates transparency to your stakeholders; helping build trust in your brand, showcase your ethical approach and promote social practice.

Complementary Audits

LRQA is the market leader both in providing bespoke audit programmes to meet the specific needs of your organisation, as well as delivering a vast range of industry-leading audits. SMETA customers may also be interested in ISO 45001, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001, or other sector-specific standards such as BRCGS Food Safety.


We maintain our impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across all LRQA businesses including those which may exist between consultancy and third-party certification services. Click here to learn more

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