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LRQA supports food safety and quality at Woolworths supplier technical roadshows

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In an era focused on food safety and sustainability, the Woolworths Technical Roadshow serves as a pivotal forum for innovation. Daniel Havers highlighted key developments in Auckland, showcasing the event's commitment to collaboration.

For the first time in over four years, Woolworth’s technical roadshow event has served as a pivotal congregation point, marking the reincarnation of this unique, in-person gathering. This event meticulously orchestrated, spanned across key cities including Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, drawing together a diverse group of stakeholders. The participants ranged from suppliers, manufacturers and service providers   intricately involved in the supply chain of Woolworths Branded products. The focal areas of discussion encompassed product sourcing, compliance, quality, sustainability, and safety, alongside providing a panoramic view of general food industry safety and quality insights.

One of the salient features of this roadshow was the spotlight on Food Regulation & Legislation Updates, Using Data & Data Insights for Supplier Excellence, and the principles of continuous improvement. These sessions were complemented by active group workshops that facilitated discussions on critical topics such as Supplier Collaboration – Specifications & Artwork, Conducting Site Visits, and Product Focus.  Each session was punctuated with insights from Associate Professor of Food Microbiology, Julian Cox. His presentations did not merely address food safety; they made a profound connection between food safety practices and their impact on everyday people, while also shedding light on the evolution of food safety culture.

Additionally, at the Auckland event, Daniel Havers, Technical Account Manager – Food Operations at LRQA was presented with a remarkable opportunity to share his insights, marking a highlight for the representatives from LRQA. This platform proved to be exceptionally valuable, facilitating connections with a diverse array of businesses, from burgeoning enterprises to established multinational corporations, all of whom contribute to the Woolworths Branded products ecosystem. The dialogue at the event centred on the current and future requisites of these businesses in relation to food assessment programs, including but not limited to Woolworths Supplier Excellence, GFSI standards, and Management Systems, with an additional focus on sustainability and product integrity within supply chains.

LRQA team at the Woolworths roadshow (Aukland, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane)

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The roadshow also provided a vibrant stage to present services related to training and ESG initiatives, illustrating the ways in which LRQA stands ready to support Woolworths suppliers in adhering to their ongoing and upcoming obligations. Such interactions underscore the essential role these assemblies play in raising the bar for the food industry at large, especially concerning consumer health and the protection of our planet. This gathering wasn't just a meeting of minds and expertise; it was a testament to the collective commitment towards elevating standards and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the food industry.