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IPEIA 2020.

About the event

The IPEIA Conference began over 20 ago years and has become an internationally recognized annual conference to gather Pressure Equipment Integrity industry groups together to further improve best practices and provide education for those committed to this specialty in the energy sector.

To increase awareness of pressure equipment safety and reliability throughout industry using technological improvements associated with fabrication, maintenance and inspection.
To provide knowledge and education for the continuous development of our business.
To provide a forum for the interaction between industry, regulators and educators.
To provide a platform through which pressure equipment industry concerns and /or initiatives can take hold and be administered.
The IPEIA Conference is an annual conference held in the beautiful majestic Rocky’s of Alberta at the Banff Conference Centre the last week of February or first week of March. With over 850 delegates in attendance who have come to expect the following from the conference:

40-50 Technical Presentations
Keynote Speakers
Pre-Conference Programming including:
Certified Training Courses
Industry Group Meetings
Integrity Challenges Forum
Regulators Panel Discussion
Industry Workshops
Industry Leading Peer Networking
Stakeholder Exhibiting
Exhibition (over 80 Exhibitors)
Over five days participants will have the opportunity to interact with industry peers in two full days of Pre-Conference Training & Certification Opportunities, Industry Meetings, three days of Conference Presentations filled with keynote speakers, networking events, exhibition and hands on demonstrations.

LRQA Presenting

Energy Director, David Clark is the key note speaker.

Jessie Wong and Ibrahim Kodssi are Committee Members.

Operations Manager Asset Integrity Operations, Jessie Wong  is presenting a paper:
"Is it a question of "If" or "When"? When it comes to RBI, timing is everything; even if there's no such thing as perfect timing​"

Pressure Systems Team Lead, Avinash Ripla  is presenting a paper: 
"Introduction to Advanced NDEs"

Engineering manager, Vishal Lagad hosting a workshop "IOW, RBI, CCD, DMR - Making the pieces fit"​