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Construction project technical adjudication

Independent guidance can save the day when a project is at risk.

When project teams can't resolve disputes, independent adjudication can

Independent technical adjudication


When experts can't agree, projects can falter. Disagreement is almost inevitable when a project is technically complex.

Multiple parties are often linked contractually to provide various services throughout the life of a large project. Sometimes, technical roles and responsibilities become cloudy, resulting in confusion and dissension across the project team.

Issues like this can delay production and increase costs, putting the project at risk, especially for the end user.

What are the benefits?

LRQA's adjudication team understands complex projects and how to make them successful. Our team is made of Certified Project Managers (PMPs) who keep the process moving. All of our PMPs are highly qualified and have solid project management experience.

Our project experts are overseen by a senior governance panel consisting of specialized advisors who provide guidance and authoritative expertise.

Leveraging our technical competencies and our deep understanding of project criticalities, LRQA can work with parties to provide governance, consistency, and transparency for the success of hard to manage projects.

Why choose LRQA?

Our adjudication services are designed as a thorough, well-established governance process that is objective and impartial.

Our inspection coordinators are highly qualified with engineering and science backgrounds. We have decades of industry experience inspecting safety-critical equipment to international codes and standards as well.