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Working in partnership with retailers and manufacturers, our food sector specialists undertake thousands of Remote Desktop Assessments which review and examine on-going compliance of a supply chain, independently and effectively.

Our Remote Desktop Assessments can give you peace of mind that your suppliers are meeting your exact supply specifications, while simultaneously flagging issues and anomalies for further follow up and intervention.

Ideal for supporting internal technical teams, we can bring added insight and ease the burden of ensuring that your suppliers meet your exact food safety, product quality, health and safety, ethical and sustainability standards.

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Uses of Remote Desktop Assessments

Supplier Compliance

Remote Desktop Assessments of your Suppliers’ Compliance gives your business an overview of which 3rd party certification your supply chain has achieved. Our teams can review your suppliers’ GFSI-status, as well as compliance against all major ethical, quality, sustainability and health and safety standards. Through doing so, we can help ensure you are dealing with suppliers who operate at the highest level, while flagging risks in real-time when compliance deteriorates, or certification expires.

New Supplier Verification and Onboarding

Ensuring new suppliers meet your exact requirements is an important part of mitigating risk and ensuring consistency of product quality and overall standards. We can remove the need for your internal teams to on-board and verify new suppliers by independently reviewing and assessing them against your existing supplier approval standards. By doing so you can have added assurance new suppliers have the certification, training and internal systems and protocols required to supply you.

Supply Chain Risk Reviews

Our technical teams work with businesses across the global food and drink supply chain to determine risks to businesses presented by suppliers through detailed Supply Chain Risk Reviews. It is through our global scope of work that our teams can pinpoint where further action may be required to ensure products and production practices meet your standards.  

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Benefits of Remote Desktop Assessments

  • Expert Assessors: Our teams will swiftly and accurately identify risks to your business through examination of supplier certificates, training records, product specifications and other documentation and submitted evidence.
  • Real-time assurance: Once completed our Desktop Assessments are available to your business to view and assess. This gives you an up-to-date supplier snapshot, enabling you to act quickly and reduce risk.
  • Tailored for you: Our Desktop Assessments are designed to meet your specific needs. We have specialists able to assess suppliers’ food safety, health and safety, sustainability, quality and ethical statuses.
  • Reduce Hassle and Drive Improvement: By using an independent body for Desktop Assessments of your supply chain, you can reduce pressure on your internal team while gaining a clear view of which suppliers you can reward and which you need to work with to improve.

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LRQA maintains independence and impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across business units, including those that exist between consultancy and third-party certification services. As such, we do not offer consultancy for any management system in the process of, or after completing, third-party certification with LRQA.

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