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Port crane inspection

Raising the standard.

Our flexible and personalised port crane inspection service makes the difference.

Port Crane Inspection

Port cranes are major investments. We help make sure they're built correctly - to your specifications.

LRQA has dedicated teams for design appraisal, inspection and certification of port cranes to help our clients through the process of commissioning port equipment.

Our team is based in China, the epicenter of port crane construction, but our project managers and coordinators are based around the world, ready to cater to your schedule.

What types of cranes do we inspect?

We have experience inspecting and certifying several types of port cranes, including:

  • Ship-to-shore (STS)
  • Rubber tyre gantry (RTG)
  • Rail-mounted gantry (RMG)
  • Ship loader/unloader
  • Stacker-reclaimer
  • Harbour cranes
  • On-shore cranes
  • Workshop cranes, such as shipyard goliath cranes, hoists, ringer cranes

We parter with you as early as design appraisal review, and continue through to on-site installation. Typically, for new construction cranes, our services follow the following stages of commissioning:

Design appraisal & document review

  • Structure, mechanical, electrical design review
  • Review of Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
  • Review of Inspection & Test Plan (ITP)
  • Review of welder qualification certificate

Material & supplier inspection

  • Qualification of suppliers
  • Inspection of storage condition
  • Witnessing of material verification tests

Fabrication inspection

  • Inspect purchased/sub-contracted parts

  • Inspect steel structures

  • inspect machined parts

  • Inspect electrical installation

  • Painting inspection

Inspection of testing & delivery

  • Inspection during commissioning and testing
  • Inspection during loading and sea fastening
  • Site acceptance testing