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Offshore oil platform and containers

Understanding Offshore Container Certification.

Do you know what regulation governs the approval of offshore containers in more than 160 countries?

Guide: Offshore container certification

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Companies involved with building, procuring or maintaining offshore containers should have a general understanding of the standards and certifications governing their use.

From ISO-style units to custom-made skid packages, offshore containers are unique in the world of shipping containers. Alongside the growth of the offshore oil and gas industry, the use of offshore containers also continues to grow and diversify.

In this guide, you will learn;

  • Which countries require offshore containers to be approved by an approved body
  • The history of offshore container certification
  • Comparisons of popular standards, including the new ISO 10855 and API 2CCU

Who should download this guide?

  • Offshore container manufacturers
  • Offshore container rental companies
  • Offshore container buyers
  • Offshore oil and gas company procurement and quality teams
  • End users of offshore containers
  • Drilling rig owners