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Additive Manufacturing Guidance Notes

A path to certification for Additive Manufacturing. Our guidance notes help manufacturers prove the safety of AM parts.

Download the guidance notes for Additive Manufacturing certification. 

The additive manufacturing (AM) industry is changing now at a faster rate than ever before and as a result, your business faces new challenges every day. That’s why we go beyond compliance, diving deeper into your business to emerge with meaningful insights and smarter solutions.

To support the use of AM technologies we have worked on a joint industry project with TWI to bring together research and development alongside real-world AM practices to create industry product certification guidelines - paving the way for a safer adoption of the additive manufacturing technology. 

Key topics addressed in the guidance notes are;

  • Design
  • Material supplies
  • AM builds
  • Post-processing
  • Inspection and testing

Download our guidance notes to help give you, your end-users and manufacturers confidence that your parts meet existing manufacturing methods, standards and are reliable and safe.