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Remote Assurance; a flexible approach to Certification and Inspection Services

Our range of remote assurance services are efficient and flexible, providing you with technical expertise anytime you need it. From enabling the safer deployment of resources through to minimizing any disruption to your organization, our remote assurance services are designed to meet your changing business needs.

Whether you need to minimize travel, have facilities in hard to reach areas or with complex infrastructures, our team of experts offer you uninterrupted certification and inspection services to support your organization. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Remote inspection

    Remote Inspection

    Demonstrate your commitment to continual improvement with our range of inspection and verification services.

  • Remote Audit

    Remote Audit

    Delivered remotely, to help you minimise risk and secure your certification.

  • TrainngBike

    Online and virtual classroom training

Supporting your Remote Assurance requirements

LRQA applies digital technology to help organizations worldwide easily access our range of remote assurance services - enabling smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions. Our auditors and surveyors are industry experts who work with you to understand what helps your business operate at its optimum level. They apply their deep technical expertise to create long-lasting value through collaboration, delivering a greater impact on your business, your people and your customers.

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