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Achieve carbon neutrality with PAS 2060


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What is PAS 2060?

Being carbon neutral means achieving net zero carbon emissions, which can be achieved through reducing emissions, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and carbon offsetting. The UK government has set a target for all businesses to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

PAS 2060 is the internationally recognized specification for carbon neutrality and it sets out a four-stage process to demonstrate this:

1. Assessment of GHG emissions data

2. A target-driven plan for emissions reduction

3. Offsetting of excess emissions

4. Documentation, verification, and public disclosure on an annual basis


Our verification services

LRQA can independently verify your data, information and reports to drive credibility with the people that matter most to you – demonstrating that data is accurate, representative and benchmarkable.


What are the benefits of PAS 2060 verification?

Substantiate your carbon neutral claims

Following the four-stage process will help you to quantify your carbon footprint and reduce emissions. Independent third-party verification demonstrates that your carbon neutral claims are accurate and helps to avoid claims of greenwashing.

Meet customer requirements

Demonstrating your carbon neutral status will enable you to meet the expectations of customers, consumers and other stakeholders and differentiate your organization as an environmental leader in your field. 

Reduce waste

Going through this process will help you to identify areas of inefficiency within your organization and reduce energy usage, leading to performance improvement and cost savings.

Why work with us?

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Local & global expertise

We’re everywhere you are. With highly qualified verifiers worldwide, we can provide a local service with a globally consistent dedication to excellence. Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your sustainability challenges and requirements – then deploy deep knowledge of verification, certification and assurance to help you meet them.

Beyond compliance

Our assurance engagements are conducted in accordance with ISO 14064-3: Specification with guidance for validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions to provide reasonable assurance of the claim of conformity. In addition, LRQA is accredited to deliver certification and verification for a number of carbon management schemes.