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PAS 2050 Product Carbon Footprint Verification

Measure the carbon footprint of your products and services

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What is PAS 2050?

PAS 2050 provides a framework for organizations of any size and location to assess the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their goods and services throughout their life cycle – from raw materials and production through to use and disposal.

By assessing the emissions of your products, PAS 2050 can help you to identify potential energy and cost savings. It can help organizations to reduce emissions by evaluating different product configurations, materials and supplier selection and production methods.


Our verification services

LRQA verification independently verifies your data, enabling you to increase visibility and help inform key decisions. Checking that the product carbon footprint meets the requirements of PAS 2050 will increase the credibility of the footprint and improvements externally.

Whether your business has a comprehensive but unverified carbon footprint analysis for your product(s), or whether you are just starting out on the journey, get in touch to ensure that you can leverage the value of verified data.


What are the benefits of PAS 2050 verification?

  • More sustainable products
    Assessing your product carbon footprint will give greater transparency and will help you to develop an emissions reduction plan – enabling you to improve your environmental impact and contribute to your organization’s ESG goals.
  • Build trust with stakeholders
    Independent verification will give your stakeholders confidence that your product carbon footprint data is robust and accurate.
  • Identify efficiency savings
    The verification process can help you to identify efficiency gains, reduce waste and improve supply chain management, which can result in process and cost savings.

Why work with us?

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Local & global expertise

We’re everywhere you are. With highly qualified verifiers worldwide, we can provide a local service with a globally consistent dedication to excellence. Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your sustainability challenges and requirements – then deploy deep knowledge of verification, certification and assurance to help you meet them.

Beyond compliance

Our assurance engagements are conducted in accordance with ISO 14064-3: Specification with guidance for validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions to provide reasonable assurance of the claim of conformity. In addition, LRQA is accredited to deliver certification and verification for a number of carbon management schemes.