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Global GAP to Farm First

Final call for Global GAP users: Why now is the time to adopt LRQA's Farm First

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The Global Gap Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard for livestock production has been discontinued. Here's what this could mean for you and how LRQA can help:

What is happening? 

The Global Gap IFA standard for livestock production - a farm assurance scheme designed to advance safer and more sustainable farming practices – has been discontinued and certificates against the standard will expire by the close of 2024, leaving many businesses in the food sector with the challenge of how to continue to meet their due diligence obligations for safe and responsible animal production.  

How can LRQA help? 

The LRQA-owned Farm First assurance scheme is a suite of standards providing the livestock industry with end-to-end protein life cycle assurance and a competitive alternative to the Global GAP IFA standard. Farm First's UKAS-accredited standards have been designed by LRQA's team of livestock sector experts and are underpinned by local regulatory and relevant environmental requirements as well as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for animal production, including: 

  • Food safety and quality 
  • Animal welfare 
  • Social/worker welfare  

 LRQA's ambition in the development of Farm First was to provide higher levels of assurance through: 

  • Annual on-site verification audits for 100% of the farm network 
  • Higher level animal welfare, specifically in the areas of animal handling and biosecurity 
  • Transport standards 
  • Traceability 
  • Staff competency 
  • Worker rights and welfare 

An industry-aligned approach 

What makes Farm First stand above the rest is its undying commitment to exceed industry benchmarks. LRQA's dedicated experts have meticulously curated a set of standards aligned with EU Council Directive 2007/43/EC of 28 June 2007 and informed by global best practices. 

It's not just a framework; it's a testament to LRQA's pledge to raise the bar for farm assurance. 

Ownership and governance 

LRQA's Farm First scheme provides more than a checklist standard audit, it is built on working in partnership with leading brands to ensure that certification goes beyond compliance.  As the standard owners, LRQA sets the standards, trains and qualifies auditors, and ensures a governance structure that provides the confidence needed in the operational practices employed across certified primary production supply chains.  

LRQA's Farm First is not just a checklist, it goes beyond audits; partnering with brands to ensure certifications exceed compliance.
Technical Account Manager - Agriculture, LRQA James Sage

A new era of assurance 

LRQA is here to guide you through this pivotal transition. Farm First is not just a response to a current need; it is a proactive solution that empowers livestock industry members to go above and beyond expectations. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with industry leaders, pioneering the way to a better, more secure and more sustainable future for animals, workers, consumers, and the planet.  

Contact us to find out more about our Farm First assurance scheme and how we can help you manage your transition from Global GAP to Farm First.