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iso 9001

Identify your certification readiness with our free ISO 9001 tool

ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Tool

Complete our free ISO 9001 Self-Assessment Tool

Designed for organizations of any size and operating in any sector, ISO 9001 is an international management system standard that provides a framework for quality management and continuous improvement. LRQA auditors have developed this self-assessment to give you an initial understanding of how well your current quality management system (QMS) meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

Quick and easy to use tool

The tool helps you to understand your current certification readiness across six core sections. When you’ve finished the questionnaire, you’ll be able to access a report containing your organization's total score, readiness level and insights into the following areas: Addressing risks and opportunities; Business context; Leadership; Supporting resources; Operations; and Evaluation and improvement.

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