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How switching to LRQA's remote inspection brought benefits for an oil and gas supplier.

Remote inspection technology from LRQA has enabled an Italian supplier to the oil and gas industry to maintain their inspection schedule during the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.



PetrolValves, a leading flow control solution provider to the oil and gas industry, has recently completed the inspection of its Triple Offset valves production for a major international customer at its manufacturing plant in Piacenza, Italy, using LRQA’s newly launched Remote App technology, LRQA Remote.

LRQA Remote is customer-operated and allows companies to conduct assessments and inspections remotely by recording and streaming audio, video, documents and images via a secure communication link to LRQA technical experts, who guide the user through the process. It means key stakeholders in an organisation and a supply chain can collaborate, co-witness and interact with inspections and audits, from wherever they’re located.

How we helped

David Dinelli Raimander, Quality Assurance Manager at PetrolValves said: "With the challenges presented by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn’t possible for an external inspector to access the plant, so we decided to use remote inspection services. With LRQA directing us through the process, we recorded the inspection on-site in the morning, with our Italian inspection team witnessing remotely."

"We found the biggest advantages were that multiple sites could connect easily with LRQA, which improved efficiency. The inspection itself was easy to carry out. Due to the mobile technology, it was less intrusive. You can see where someone is streaming from as the technology shows their specific coordinates. It’s the first time we have used remote inspection technology and we were delighted with the results. We’ll definitely be using it again."

The impact

Luigi Rindone, Senior Consultant for LRQA Inspection Services, South Europe added: "Real-time co-witnessed or customer operated inspections and assessments can deliver immediate transparency to a company’s operations worldwide. You can quickly adjust the scope to deep dive into any operational issues and manage the risk of sending workers to hazardous sites and locations. These are incredibly difficult times for many businesses and if LRQA can help in any small way through our remote inspection capabilities, then that’s a huge plus for me."

 COVID-19 has accelerated the need for remote inspection services as businesses look for alternative ways to ensure the assets and products they provide continue to be safe.

LRQA's Managing Director of Business Assurance & Inspection Services, Paul Butcher, said: "Remote inspection helps our customers continue to operate during these extremely challenging times, which is vitally important to them both now and in the future. While not new for LRQA, driving digital delivery is now more important than ever as we look to support businesses across the world by maintaining the integrity and safety of critical assets and infrastructure."

To find out how remote inspection can help your business, please see our video or visit our remote inspection webpage.

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