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Showcasing best practice in animal welfare and sustainability

Otto and Sons and LRQA

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Client overview 

Established in 1909, OSI is a global leader in the food processing industry, operating over 65 facilities with more than 20,000 employees across 18 countries and regions. The company is renowned for providing high-quality food products and solutions to the global market. 

Client challenge 

Otto and Sons (Weihai) Poultry Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the U.S.-based OSI Group, sought to further demonstrate their commitment to food safety, animal welfare, and sustainability in their operations in China. Achieving a certification that aligns with international standards was essential to validate their dedication and enhance their credibility. 

LRQA solution 

LRQA introduced the Farm First assurance scheme, a globally compatible certification designed to ensure safe and secure food supply chains with a strong commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. Farm First aligns with various legislative frameworks worldwide, making it a universally applicable standard.  

Davis Guan, regional director of LRQA Greater China, visited OSI’s Weihai office to present the Farm First certificate. This was China’s first certification under this scheme, marking a significant milestone for OSI. The ceremony honoured John Eccles, general manager of Otto and Sons (Weihai) Poultry Development Co., Ltd, and Jonathan Ratcliff, managing director at FACS LTD, the audit company. 

Client testimonial 

John Eccles, general manager of Otto and Sons (Weihai) Poultry Development Co. Ltd, shared his positive experience: 

"It's been a great honour to work with LRQA. From the first meeting, LRQA colleagues were very professional and knowledgeable, not only about our business but also about the customer end. They helped us understand and connect our on-the-ground activities from the employee level all the way through to implementing the standard. The onsite audits and visits were conducted professionally, and the communication was clear and effective across all levels of management and workers. This collaboration has helped us accurately evaluate and improve our practices, providing safe food products and instilling confidence in our customers." 

LRQA commentary 

Davis Guan expressed his congratulations, stating: 

"On behalf of LRQA, I would like to express my congratulations to OSI on obtaining China’s first Farm First certificate. OSI's achievement highlights the proactive efforts of all OSI colleagues in delivering safe and secure food supply chains with a commitment to animal welfare and sustainability." 

James Sage, technical account manager at LRQA, added: 

“The partnership between OSI and LRQA is an exciting one, underpinning our combined dedication to maintaining the highest standards in food safety and sustainability. Together, we are setting a standard for the food industry, proving that through innovation and collaboration, we can tackle the rising demand for responsibly sourced food products.” 

Business benefits 

Enhanced credibility: Achieving the Farm First certification has bolstered OSI’s reputation for excellence in food safety, animal welfare, and sustainability. 

Continuous improvement: The certification process facilitated a deeper understanding and improvement of on-ground practices across all levels of the company. 

Global standards: Aligning with a globally compatible certification scheme has ensured that OSI’s practices meet international standards, enhancing their market position. 

Future outlook 

Otto and Sons (Weihai) Poultry Development Co., Ltd. plans to continue its commitment to excellence and sustainability. With the support of LRQA and the Farm First certification, they aim to lead the industry in providing safe, high-quality food products globally. 

This partnership highlights how LRQA’s Farm First certification has supported OSI Group’s subsidiary in achieving their goals of enhancing food safety, animal welfare, and sustainability, setting a benchmark in the industry. 

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