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Converting power plant to double the production.

Design appraisal and inspection of gas turbines to help increase efficiency, while cutting emissions


Client challenge

Our client was commissioned to produce three new gas turbines as part of a major upgrade of a fossil-fired power plant in Europe. Conversion projects bring their own unique challenges, so our client asked us to assist them with design appraisal and inspection of these key assets.

How we helped

Our support was three-fold:

–      providing detailed design appraisal

–      inspecting the components before installation

–      acting as the Notified Body, helping to ensure the new plant’s piping met the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

Powerful results

Before the upgrade, the plant produced electricity by means of conventional and steam boilers. Following CCGT conversion, the client forecasted that the plant’s:

–      capacity would double from approximately 600 MW to over 1200 MW

–      efficiency would increase from roughly 40% to almost 60%

–      CO2 emissions would be reduced by more than 30%.

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