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Bespoke Technology Helps Optimize the Milk Supply Chain.

Bespoke technology solution brings significant benefits for Arla and their supply chain farmers.

Food Safety Case Study: Bespoke Technology for Arla

Client Challenge

Arla appointed LRQA to drive quality and gain greater real-time insight into their entire milk supply chain and its compliance levels.

How we helped

Over a six-month period, LRQA migrated over 2,500 Arla farms onto a single technology platform. Simultaneously, LRQA developed a bespoke off-line audit app for the farm inspections and trained and calibrated a team of 40+ dairy auditors to the new system.

Additionally, due to LRQA's approach, technology, audit resource and ability to pioneer and pilot  standards, Arla turned to LRQA to help develop the Arlagården Quality Assurance Programme [Arlagården] in the UK. This programme is now conducted by LRQA auditors across the country in conjunction with Red Tractor audits.

The impact

Arla now has access to an instant, real-time overview of their dairy farm's compliance status. Through LRQA's customer portal their management team can gain site specific insights and risks as well as review trends and regional developments to drive continual improvement.

Along with having access to more detailed supply chain information, Arla has also enjoyed greater auditor consistency due to the fact that LRQA trains and calibrates them to ensure they meet the stringent criteria.

Bespoke solutions also mean the Arlagården not only benefits Arla, but also their supply chain farmers who now only receive one site visit from LRQA auditors, thereby saving them time, hassle and cost.

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