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Managing health and safety risks is critical to reducing the number of incidents in the workplace. Businesses across the globe are faced with numerous health and safety challenges, from ill-health and accidents to damaged protective equipment. ISO 45001:2018 the international health and safety standard improves employee safety, reduces workplace risks and creates better, safer working conditions. The standard requires all events to be taken into consideration and have adequate actions to address these incidents and nonconformities.

Nonconformity, or failing to meet a specific criteria in the standard, can happen at any level of an organisation’s operations from quality control and manufacturing to personnel procedures. If the nonconformance is not addressed, organisations will not meet achieve certification.

To help organisations prepare for their ISO 45001 audit, Olivier Fauroux LRQA's voice on Health and Safety discusses the top five nonconformities that our auditors identified during ISO 45001 audits since its publication

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