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Our expert panel from Ferrero, inGenious inSight and LRQA, discussed how data science can boost food safety. It’s a topic that resonated with the many food businesses that joined the event. Two-thirds of our delegates stated they were either at the very start of their data journey, exploring longer-term strategies or feel they don’t currently have enough knowledge to begin planning.

The panel focused on why change hasn’t come sooner to the food sector, which technological developments will matter most to the future of food safety and how both individual companies and the wider sector can more effectively embrace data science, to drive trust and confidence in the food we all eat.

In this whitepaper, we explore the four key takeaways in more detail with insight from our expert panel. They discuss:

  • The accelerated use of data for risk management
  • Making sense of the data landscape
  • Staying focused on the problems that can be solved
  • Change being the only certainty.