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As a brand recognised throughout the world, supplying McDonald’s brings many benefits to your business. To be an approved supplier to McDonald’s, you must be able to demonstrate that your management systems, products and services meet the requirements expected, to ensure consistently high food safety standards are maintained at all times.

Need supplier approval?

LRQA has global approval to audit your organisation against the McDonald’s Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS) and Distributor Quality Management Process (DQMP), both part of the McDonald’s end-to-end supplier assurance program, based on GFSI-benchmarked international standards.

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SQMS certification

SQMS certification demonstrates that you meet McDonald’s food safety and quality expectations, some of which are unique to maintaining integrity of McDonald’s brand specifications and more importantly, the safety of their customers. Required annually, this verification audit is applicable to all McDonald’s suppliers of food products and is delivered as a full audit of the SQMS requirements or as an addendum to GFSI standards.

DQMP certification

DQMP is applicable to all warehouse and distribution operations making deliveries to McDonald’s restaurants. Typically delivered as a two-day unannounced audit, verification of compliance with DQMP ensures your operation delivers the safety and quality requirements for acceptance, storage and transport of McDonald’s unique stock keeping units (SKUs) across their global restaurant network.  

Why work with LRQA

GFSI standards provider

We’re a leading global assurance provider of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked standards, with a large global network of consistently calibrated auditors and the capacity for a timely path to certification for businesses across the supply chain.

Customised approach

We can help prepare your organisation for SQMS and DQMP, ensuring you meet the standards expected by McDonald’s of all its suppliers, across local markets.

Technical expertise

We match expert food sector specialist assessors with deep industry knowledge to your business; enabling a robust audit of your system, in accordance with the requirements of McDonald’s SQMS and DQMP.

Has McDonald's asked you to be an approved supplier?

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